The Hotel
Nothing but the best from East to West.

Nothing but the best from East to West will satisfy the standards of Century City complex. On 18 storeys the 5star International hotel will be a beacon of excellence on the orbital route.
The hotel will be developed in collaboration with a leading hotel management group in order toguarantee first class all round experience of hospitality at this exceptional destination, encorporating 16 VIP suites where guests may enjoy a once- in-a-lifetime experience to live like celebrities.
Total floor area allocated is 166,200 sq.ft

The Casino
Best Gaming Experience.

With unrivaled international access, this is arguably Europe’s finest location for a casino suited to the third millennium. 
In co-operation with a major international gaming operator, we shall provide an unsurpassed casino-style gaming facility that will be the envy of all others world-wide. Appropriate counselling and the most modern, socially sensitive controls will also be provided as benefits a socially responsible development.

The third millennium Casino will be housed below the 5 star luxury hotel, encircled by an array of purpose built high quality restaurants, bars and other mixed use facilities. It is a sure bet to become a dominate player in the night of Europe’s most vibrantly cosmopolitan capital.

Shopping Complex
Wide Range.

Century City Complex will house a specialty retail mall with an artificial sky design in its atrium. This will continue that relaxing open air feeling as well as providing a luxurious shopping area occupied by some of the worlds best known , high end retail brands providing visitors with the highest quality of product, services and shopping experience to rival the best in London,Paris, Dubai and New York.
Floor area allocated is 51,600

Wide Range.

Exquisite Restaurants
Prodigious, diverse restaurant space in the Century City Complex will attract some of the world’s best culinary experts, who in turn will offer some of the most mouth-watering international cuisine to satify the international mix of visitors to this magnificent landmark venue. Current plans include upto 10 high class restaurantss each to be theme to reflect the cuisine it serves. Some of these restaurants will be located at the edge of indoor tropical garden between casino and multiplex cinema, which is the mall area; where open space, luxuriant plants will furnish your visitors with interludes of calm whilst playful water fountains will waft music to the ear.
Floor area allocated is rather in excess of 98,000sq ft.


Adjoining the members club and the swimming pool,comfortable space is allocated to provide for fully equiped health and fitness spa with a gymnasium, pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room as well as a beauty parlour catering to those universal longings; good health; good looks and long life.
With experts in eastern and western techniques in sustaining good health, beauty, and wellbeing, Century City Spa will create an environment of peace, tranquility and harmony.
Visitors wanting to get seriously into shape; shed a few pounds; release stress; revitalize mind and body; enhance inner confidence or simply just pamper themselves will find Century City Spa the place to be.
Floor area allocated is 30,000sq ft. The striking substantial area surrounding the pivotal swimming pool creates indoor plaza capable of hosting private parties of up to 600 people.

TV Studios

A selling feature virtually unique to Century City Complex is the provision of designed-in, state of the art, television studios, specifically envisaged to facilitate production and satellite relaying. The capacity to share or establish T.V networking embodies the East meets West concept at the very heart and inception of Century City.

The mushrooming of new satellite opportunities is a worldwide phenomenon already, but is still barely out of its infancy. Theses facilities in Century City will play a significant role in extending the opportunities and complimenting other efforts to produce local programmers for the international market.
Floor space of nearly 60,000sq ft is allocated.


The projected Multiplex cinemas will be the grandest of its kind in London offering a new breadth of cultural experience to movie goers of every kind in surroundings providing extensiv e recreational opportunites unlike anywhere else. The 18 screens will enable film distributors to screen first run movies simultaneously on several screens, spaced at different intervals, so that customers are not inconvinienced, but enabled to plan their leisure time and choices more conveniently. It will also maximise on the potential of cinema visitors to enjoy the wider leisure facilities available across Century City. The multiplex will screen both Hollywood and Bollywood films and will be ideal for staging of film festivals in a comprehensive business and leisure environment providing facilities designed to address a wide range of requirements among the viewing public. Total floor area allocated is 116,800 sq.ft


London is known for its theatre and Century City without a spacious theatre will be incomplete in its concept “Eastmeets West”.

This theatre will bring popular plays from abroad on a regular basis.

Member Clubs

London is famed for its historical gentleman clubs. Within the century City Complex, we are revisiting the luxury of such clubs and reinterpreting them for the third millennium. It is planned to build a five-star state of the art Members Club providing all the traditional games rooms such as snooker, billiards and cards supported by a cosseting ambience and club services to be associated with which even the mostdemanding member will be proud.

It will become the rendezvous of choice for all Members. Floor area allocated is in excess of 23,400sq.ft